Honeycomb at Hogans’!

As we bring in the honey for the year we've been getting more and more honey comb for our wonderful customers. Shayla and Bonnie are only too pleased to package comb for you!

Our 1934 Roots

It's important to remember your roots. We have a lot of antique honey containers in our store for decoration. A lot of them are for beekeepers and apiaries that have been, or still are in the area. This one, from the Hogan Brothers, was the very first name Hogans' Honey went under. William Hogan was our father, grandfather and father-in-law. We always smile when we see how far we've come and we're sure Billie would be, too.

We love animals!

We now have a donation container at Hogans' for the Kingston Humane Society. If you are a huge lover of animals like we are, feel free to put loose change in the container. Lets care for those amazing beings.